Xtraordinary to Dances: Solo Dance Xchange (SDX)


Karen and Allen Kaeja created a film/stage collaboration called XTOD:SDX. The film, by Allen, is named Xtraordinary TO Dances: Moments in Reel Time (XTOD) and the stage, by Karen, is Solo Dance Xchange (SDX).

The film takes place throughout Metropolitan Toronto highlight 22 Xtraordinary Toronto Dance Artists (EDA’s) improvising one-minute dances in deeply meaningfullocations of their choice. The 22 creators are of diverse genres, practices and generations.

Karen conceived of the Solo Dance Xchange (SDX) at the same time. Each of the film performers were given one of the other film solos (exchanged) to inspire them to create a two-three minute solo to perform. The concept was to re-imaginea new idea from the film solo and not reinterpret or redo the film solo.

Xtraordinary TO Dances has been performed in Japan, inviting 10 dancers and choreographers to créate and perform new solos.

Direction: Allen and Karen Kaeja

Performing:  Jun Morii, Naoko Mirakoshi, Yui Ugai, Helena Lizari, Mio Sakamoto, Caryn Chapell, Minoru Harata, Allen Kaeja, Masuyo Higashide, Karen Kaeja, Sho Ikushima, Miki Sato.

Solo Dance Xchange 1
Solo Dance Exchange 2



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