MALEBABLE It is a sensorial performance of movement. Body and objects dance together creating a series of poetic images.

It´s a journey through the senses.

An adventure of perception based on textures, based on touch.

It is elastic, soft, moldable, flexible, transformable, consistent …

Every show is a trip. MALEBABLE takes you through objects and textures to an imaginary space, created by two characters and driven by the motor of imagination.

The characters are transformed according to the materials that are introduced in the scene, creating, in this way, a conductive thread in the narrative.

MALEBABLE is a changing game of textures, a game of looks.

The transformation of the object changes the look?

Or the look changes the object you see?

What can be under a paper? Is it really a paper or a mountain? Can a piece of plastic and a piece of paper establish a conversation? Is the elasticity infinite? … or “sticky”?

Suggestions that remain in the air, inviting the child to think and intuit from the imagination.

Concept and direction:                      Helena Lizari

Creation and performing:                 Junyi Sun, Helena Lizari

Costumes:                                            Pepa Martínez

Set:                                                        Miquel Ruiz / Helena Lizari

Light & Sound:                                    Carlos Parada

Direction  assistant:                           Koos Vos y Ana Eulate

Photography:                                       Alessia Bombaci

Vídeo:                                                    Catarina Costa

*recommended ages: family  0 to 5 years / Schools 2 to 5 years
Lenght: 40 min

The public said:

“An incredible show, both for children and adults, a delight for the SENSES”

“A very funny scenery. We had a good time”

“Great, great fun, great for babies, we would repeat

“A fabulous show that has enchanted the whole family. And it is the first performance of my child ! ”
“Wonderful and inspiring!”

“Many emotions without words. Thank you, movement, love … Beautiful.

MALEBABLE is a production of Theater Mercat de les Flors  in collaboration with  Festival EL Més Petit de Tots and L´Estruch de Sabadell-Ajuntament de Sabadell.



This show has been performed at the Festival El Més Petit de Tots 2017 at the big top La Vela  L¨Estruch theater in Sabadell,La Casa Encendida in Madrid, within the Festival International Weeks of  Theater-Educational Action 2017, Festival Vox Txiia 2018 Pamplona and Festival BBescena 2019 A Coruña, among others.




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