Is a collaboration between the dance makers Helena Lizari and Laida Aldaz, finding inspiration in Basque sports – Herri Kirolak. These, in turn, have their origin in labor activities in the Basque rural environment.

Competitiveness, skill, ability, challenge, strength, endurance are terms related to these practices that will be the starting point of this piece.

Aizkora proba or aizkol jokoa (game of axes or log cut), Gizon proba (stone drag by men), Lokotx biltzea (Picking of ears of corn), Soka-strip (pulling the rope), Lasto altxatzea (lifting of a bundle) are some of the sports on which this piece is based.

Our language is dance, movement, the body. We want to talk about our culture in a physical way and what better example of it than Basque sports, which reveal so much about our people. We will try to investigate the origin of such old sports, to make a current reading through dance and live music of the txalaparta.

Concept:                                                                             Helena Lizari

Direction, Choreography and interpretation:            Laida Aldaz and Helena Lizari

Dramaturgical collaboration:                                        Koos Vos

Music:                                                                                 Txalaparta Zaldizka – Mikel Casanellas and Silbia Munarriz

 Photo:                                                                                 Koos Vos

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KIROLAK is a  Dantza-Hirian Festival and Dantzagunea co-production.

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