KIROLAK is a dance piece that supports creation, inclusion and popular culture from a contemporary perspective. It is inspired by Basque sports, which have their origin in the work activities of the rural environment,
transforming and reinterpreting them through dance, giving a new, more contemporary and poetic reading.
Three dancers and two txalapartaris create an abstract imaginary from the physicality and strength of the sport.
Can we find sensitivity and poetry in strength, endurance and perseverance?


This project is inclusive as we work with people with disabilities. The 2 musicians who are part of the artistic team have a permanent disability: Silvia Munárriz has a disability of grade 35, with severe mobility difficulties and Mikel Casanellas a visual disability of grade 68.

Concept:                                                 Helena Lizari

Direction and Choreography:              Helena Lizari and Laida Aldaz

Performing:                                            Koldo Arostegui, Laida Aldaz and Helena Lizari

Live Music:                                              Txalaparta Zaldizka, Mikel Casanellas y Silvia Munarriz

Costumes:                                               Pepa Martínez

Ligh and Sound:                                     David Bernués

Production:                                             Rosa García

Management:                                          El Trastero Creativo

Photografy:                                             Blanca Razquin

Thanks to DanzÁlava offering an external look of Idoia Zabaleta, and the collaboration of Carmen Larraz as an external look in Sortutakoak.

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Project Path

Laida Aldaz and Helena Lizari created in 2016 a short street piece around this theme, which has been shown at Dantza-Hirian 2016, DNA Festival 2016, Fitur Fair 2017, Danzad Danzad Festival Malditos 2017, Fira Mediterrania 2017 (with the collaboration of the Etxepare Institute), Cultural Event Government Delegation of Navarra in Brussels 2017, Festival DNA 2018 and Program Kultur 2018.

From this work, a long-lasting piece for theaters  has been created, for which we have received an artistic residence in Sortutakoak11 from Dantzagunea, Casa de la Danza de Guipúzcoa, choreographic assistance from DanzÁlava, economic help of Innova Cultural 2018 from Fundación Caja Navarra and La Caixa, the co-production of La Faktoria Choreographic Center, and technical residence of the Casa de Cultura de Villava, where it was presented on June 14, 2019.

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