Immediacy of Pure Presence

The Immediacy of Pure Presence is a meeting of three performers and the spectators joined in the transience of the moment in a shared space. We start from the presence as scanning process. Dance understood as pure  movement that emerged in the game of building together at the present moment. The presence of the moment.

“It is not about to continue dancing, is about to realize that it is impossible to stop. Amplify the chances of the body, broaden freedom of the mind, fire the creativity and imagination. Lost in the body and rescue unique beauties

We will not stop to explore and at the end of the exploration will be at the starting point and recognize the  place for the first time.


Series of improvisations created and directed by Carlos Osatinsky and Fernando N. Pelliccioni  made in cities spread over different countries (Buenos Aires, Tucuman, Madrid, Granada, Millstat, Mendoza, Barcelona), inviting to collaborate to various performers /creators in every city.

Lenght: 25 a 30 minutos.

This work is adaptable to any type of space and technical equipment (light & sound are reproduced from a computer) . Generally the work process involves a short time prior research in situ.


(+34) 635 98 83 66

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