The dance does not end here .

El baile no acaba aquí (The dance does not end here)  is a portrait made by pieces, scraps together like pieces of a puzzle, where there’s always a piece to fit.

There are always some pieces which do not fit and when we thought we have succeeded, we see another piece left over, maybe from another puzzle we left unfinished.

It is a proposal of theater movement, physical narrative where the word becomes gesture and movement.

The texts are collected from fragments, read,found, heard here and there … talking about this and that … of life itself.

Expressing a collective thought on a single body.

This dance could well be a journey through the own existence.

It talks about everyday situations carried with abstraction, some more dramatic, some more comical. All scenes are related, somehow, to personal and universal reflections at the same time: crying, transformation, happiness, intelligence, entertainment, loneliness and ellipses because dance does not end there .

Helena Lizari 10
 Fotografía © Alessia Bombaci/Antic Teatre
Creation and performing: Helena Lizari
Assistant director: Koos Vos, Frank Feijs
Lighting: Carlos Parada
Costumes: Pepa Martínez
Music & Texts: collage-varios
Graphic design: Tamara Dedé

Length: 50 min

EL BAILE NO ACABA AQUÍ is a  Antic Teatre co-production
In collaboration withCentre Civic Convent de Sant Agustí and Casal de Barri Pou de la Figuera.



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