If, as it is often said,you cann´t win,  it is perhaps because when you do you so have much to lose. To put it a little gloomy, winning could be called the mark of Abel.
It would be beautiful to photograph the winners of anything, from the Nobel to boobyconsolation prize, clutching  trophy or money or certificate, or solemn or smiling or tear stained on bloody onthe precarious pinnacle of the  human

Diane Arbus, fotographer

We not always show ourselves as we are. Sometimes we pretend to be what we think we should be or what we really would want to be a mirror of reality.

WINNERS is a look at what we are and what we want to be. How we see ourselves through the others? This project is a collage of people who invites us to look the each other shamelessly. Here lies the secret premise always fluctuating between being and seeming, between looking and seeing. As a mirror.

This work collects details, gestures the body is shown through its movements tells her story.

Artístic team

Direction & Choreography:           Helena Lizari

Colaboración Artística:                  Koos Vos

Creation & Dance:                           Helena Lizari
Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli
Carlos Osatinsky

Lighting Design:                              Jorge Fuentes/Isaac Lucas

Supported by Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunyay de L´Estruch de Sabadell .


Foto: Knut Schwinzer

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building-up    tearing down      crashing the bottom    rewind-fast forward   broken records    boy meets girl, boy meets girl, boy meets girl…

boy and girl have a meal    not enough time   taking your time   time and time again   falling down    back to basics   getting down to it    breakin in

breaking up     breaking appart     breaking through

DISPOSAL: Place an order, organize. Relative position of the parts. Temperament, natural trend.

The reorganization of the parts, make an order following a subjective perception is the starting point of this piece. In the process of creating we confront learned logic of our actions and behaviors with the natural tendency of our body.


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