Xtraordinary to Dances: Solo Dance Xchange (SDX)


Karen and Allen Kaeja created a film/stage collaboration called XTOD:SDX. The film, by Allen, is named Xtraordinary TO Dances: Moments in Reel Time (XTOD) and the stage, by Karen, is Solo Dance Xchange (SDX).

The film takes place throughout Metropolitan Toronto highlight 22 Xtraordinary Toronto Dance Artists (EDA’s) improvising one-minute dances in deeply meaningfullocations of their choice. The 22 creators are of diverse genres, practices and generations.

Karen conceived of the Solo Dance Xchange (SDX) at the same time. Each of the film performers were given one of the other film solos (exchanged) to inspire them to create a two-three minute solo to perform. The concept was to re-imaginea new idea from the film solo and not reinterpret or redo the film solo.

Xtraordinary TO Dances has been performed in Japan, inviting 10 dancers and choreographers to créate and perform new solos.

Direction: Allen and Karen Kaeja

Performing:  Jun Morii, Naoko Mirakoshi, Yui Ugai, Helena Lizari, Mio Sakamoto, Caryn Chapell, Minoru Harata, Allen Kaeja, Masuyo Higashide, Karen Kaeja, Sho Ikushima, Miki Sato.

Solo Dance Xchange 1
Solo Dance Exchange 2

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An interactive installation, presented at the Mercat de les Flors, within the Festival IDN Image, Dance and New Media 2015.

An intervention in a space designed to generate new personal experiences.

How often do we pay attention to the spaces we inhabit, to the cities where we live, to the malls for which we walk? What impact do theses tructured spaces have in our activities, our routines, our movement? In an effort to raise awareness of the importance of these physical interactions for our body and at the same time, for our health and our creativity, we invite you to look with new eyes the structure of the space do you use. Reconsidering what is normal and thinking rather in what is natural.

What if the stairs were no stairs, but slides? What if the floor was never plain? Or if malls will rather have suspended bridges instead of wide hallways? And if we look at the world as a playground?

Walk me, come with me and discover.


Direction: Maria Philippou
Coreography: Helena Lizari
Architectural Design: Constantinos Kiprianou
Interactive Design: David Dalmazzo


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Immediacy of Pure Presence

The Immediacy of Pure Presence is a meeting of three performers and the spectators joined in the transience of the moment in a shared space. We start from the presence as scanning process. Dance understood as pure  movement that emerged in the game of building together at the present moment. The presence of the moment.

“It is not about to continue dancing, is about to realize that it is impossible to stop. Amplify the chances of the body, broaden freedom of the mind, fire the creativity and imagination. Lost in the body and rescue unique beauties

We will not stop to explore and at the end of the exploration will be at the starting point and recognize the  place for the first time.


Series of improvisations created and directed by Carlos Osatinsky and Fernando N. Pelliccioni  made in cities spread over different countries (Buenos Aires, Tucuman, Madrid, Granada, Millstat, Mendoza, Barcelona), inviting to collaborate to various performers /creators in every city.

Lenght: 25 a 30 minutos.

This work is adaptable to any type of space and technical equipment (light & sound are reproduced from a computer) . Generally the work process involves a short time prior research in situ.

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A multidisciplinary and intercultural performance aimed at children and families.
An old painter of extraordinary human qualities and artistic talent, is saved together with his disciple from the Emperor´s

rage fleeing through his own work. The close look of the artist, fascinated by the world in all its forms, it allows us to discover the value of
art in each of us. The story is told from a poetic mainstreaming languages.

Direction and Choreography Ana Eulate
Helena dance Lizari alternating with Gwladys Laurent or Roser Tutusaus
Ana Eulate
Creating video Vincent Ducarne
Painting Gabriel Schmitz
Photography Paul Linés
oundtrack creationRémi Coupille
ighting creation JeanPhilippe  Pellieux
Accessories and costumes Mario Blayas, Julie Maret, Ana Eulate
Artistic advice Mercedes Recacha
Psychopedagogical Council Montse Nunez, Françoise Ricaud
cript advice Emmanuelle  Zaraya
Participation in video and soundtrack Alumni / ae, teachers, families, participants in workshops. (Evolutionary Video).
romotional video capture Merce  Prats, Jordi Matas
Editing promotional video Jordi Matas
Executive produccción Senroma

Artists, educators, associated with artistic workshops:
Dance: Ana Eulate, Helena Lizari, Gwladys Laurent
Artist: Gabriel Schmitz
Video artist: Vincent Ducarne
Musician: Timothy Grignani.
Bodywork techniques: Nina Hutchings (Bates Method for vision).

De un papel blanco2
De un papel blanco3
De un papel blanco4

Fotography Luis Castilla (2 foto) Florentino Yamuza (3-4 foto)

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