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The dance does not end here .

El baile no acaba aquí (The dance does not end here)  is a portrait made by pieces, scraps together like pieces of a puzzle, where there’s always a piece to fit.

There are always some pieces which do not fit and when we thought we have succeeded, we see another piece left over, maybe from another puzzle we left unfinished.

It is a proposal of theater movement, physical narrative where the word becomes gesture and movement.

The texts are collected from fragments, read,found, heard here and there … talking about this and that … of life itself.

Expressing a collective thought on a single body.

This dance could well be a journey through the own existence.

It talks about everyday situations carried with abstraction, some more dramatic, some more comical. All scenes are related, somehow, to personal and universal reflections at the same time: crying, transformation, happiness, intelligence, entertainment, loneliness and ellipses because dance does not end there .

Helena Lizari 10
 Fotografía © Alessia Bombaci/Antic Teatre
Creation and performing: Helena Lizari
Assistant director: Koos Vos, Frank Feijs
Lighting: Carlos Parada
Costumes: Pepa Martínez
Music & Texts: collage-varios
Graphic design: Tamara Dedé

Length: 50 min

EL BAILE NO ACABA AQUÍ is a  Antic Teatre co-production
In collaboration withCentre Civic Convent de Sant Agustí and Casal de Barri Pou de la Figuera.


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Feldenkrais Example 3

Vestibulum imperdiet massa sed vehicula eleifend. Aenean magna ex, maximus eu ullamcorper ut, maximus at dui. Curabitur dictum, augue porttitor pharetra iaculis, enim leo euismod arcu, in pulvinar dolor dolor eget elit. Integer vestibulum, eros consequat commodo accumsan, ligula eros fermentum mauris, sit amet luctus metus erat a augue. Vestibulum fermentum vehicula cursus. Maecenas non magna justo.

Integer vitae ligula nisl. Aenean fermentum sit amet sapien ac placerat. Nulla porttitor turpis dignissim dictum mattis. Donec tempus venenatis mauris sit amet feugiat. Praesent vulputate sapien id nibh eleifend mattis eget ut ante. Aliquam auctor at lacus sit amet luctus. Quisque vestibulum, tellus nec facilisis porta, libero ante malesuada magna, eu vestibulum felis enim et urna. Nulla facilisi. Sed eget tortor velit. Vestibulum placerat tincidunt lobortis. Vestibulum porttitor vitae magna sed placerat. Fusce quis nisl quis arcu tempor fringilla at placerat urna. Mauris sed ex a dolor pulvinar maximus.

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SUDANSA is a educational project through dance that takes place in primary schools in Catalonia.
The philosophy behind this proposal is to enable the confrontation with an artistic and cultural diversity, a diversity of expression, authors, proposals.

Training and knowledge of dance through the encounter. Meeting public (students, teachers, parents, general public)

with the works and their creative processes,

authors (choreographers, composers)

the mainstreaming of the choreographic, literary, musical, pictorial

with professional practices.

Helena Lizari is part of the team since 2008.


Fotografía Tristán Pérez Martin


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With more than 15 years of experience in teaching, her methodology and content of her classes  has been developed in conjunction with her work as creator and performer. A personal research has been enriched over meetings and collaborations with other artists. It has a special influence of the Release and Flying Low technique. Also it has incorporated elements from Feldenkrais method and Klein technique, whose influence enriched the anatomical approach.

Throughout her career she has taught at the SNDO Amsterdam and various schools in Europe as well as in Barcelona (Institut del Teatre BCN, dance studios Caldera, La Poderosa, AREA, Ramon Solé, Olga Tragant, Escola Superior EOLIA Dramatic Art, Barcelona among others).

Focusing on working the natural lines of the body and its energy,  thus allowing for greater fluidity in movement.
These classes are based in exploring exercises working the muscle surface to access a deeper level of support. This allows us to be more articulate, more connected to the ground and be able to project energy through the body.

The work is based on the dynamics of breathing and connecting parts of the body with the ground and space from our center.


The idea of these classes is to explore the dynamic relationship between improvisation and composition: the confrontation of the idea in our heads and our body’s instinctive need to move. Deepen the friction between mind and body moving.

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(+34) 635 98 83 66

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