“I start from myself. I face my contradictions and from there I try to connect with others. I believe that any creative process happens in collaboration with people who contrast with my personal-creative vision, and then come together at a meeting and exchange point.

 As a creator, I am interested in communication and scenic dialogue, and its articulation through the body.For this reason, I direct my focus towards the different qualities of the public-interpreter relationship

It moves me to deepen and always look for new possibilities, including voice as one more limb, the body in constant reset

I´m constantly looking for new audiences, new reactions, new connections, which give me new feed-backs, to continue creating and developing, I am looking for harmony and discordance, I find them equally revealing and fascinating. For me it is about exposing balance and symmetry or lack thereof, in our daily existence. ”


Teacher of movement and motoric skills. Bachelor of theories and analysis of movement, dance studios and interpretation by the AHK in Amsterdam. He has studied with Jeremy Nelson, Stephen Petronius, Meg Stuart, David Zambrano, Trisha Brown, Cia. Merce Cunningham, Wim Vandekeybus, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Lioyd Nweson (DV8), Susan Klein and Stephanie Skura, among others. She has a long career in contemporary dance, as well as creative and teaching.
She has worked with various choreographers in Europe, as Charles Corneille and Merkx, Marcelo Evelin, Angelika Oei, Katrina Brown ao. Also with film director Peter Greenaway.
With a long history as an independent creator, he presented his work in various international scenarios. Among the latest creations we can highlight: El baile no acaba aquí, Walk Me, Please Exit (s), Soufle, Immediacy of Pure Presence (with Carlos and Fernando Osatinsky Pellicioli), Winners and Personal Velocity.
Collaborated in recent years with choreographers Carlos Osatinsky and Fernando Nicolas Pelliccioli (Berlin).
She currently works with Ana Eulate (Cia Pendiente) on the piece De un papel en blanco.
He has been guest choreographer in the international research project performance practices LEIM (Dance Leadership Project) 2014, with the creation of interactive performance Walk Me, presented at the Mercat de les Flors, within the IDN Festival – Image, Danza & New Media 2015.

She has taught at the SNDO Amsterdam and other schools in Europe as well as in Barcelona (Institut del Teatre BCN, dance studios Caldera, La Poderosa, AREA, Ramon Solé, Olga Tragant, Escola Superior of Art Dramatic EOLIA, Barcelona among others).
Assists in building projects and dance schools in various centers in Europe. He has taught movement Helicon school children in the Netherlands. It is part of the team of Artistic and Cultural Association SUDANSA creating development programs choreographic practices in bressol escoles, primary and high schools of Catalonia. TAS also part of the program that disseminates Health and Eating Habits ESO centers.
Part of TROCAS, exchange program between Barcelona (Mercat de les Flors) and Brazil. Pedagogical training program through dance, organized by the Mercat de les Flors.
It is specialized therapist-Childspace Feldenkrais Method, which includes studies in Neurology, Psychology, Communication and Observation of the functions of child development, specializing in children with motor problems.

She is currently collaborating with Laida Aldaz in the show KIROLAK,presented at Dantza-Hirian 2016, Festival DNA 2016, Fair of Fitur 2017, Festival Danzad Danzad Malditos 2017, Fira Mediterrania 2017 (with the collaboration of the Etxepare Institute), Cultural Event Government Delegation of Navarra in Brussels 2017, Festival DNA 2018 and Kultur Program 2018 and Casa de Cultura de Villava 2019.

Also among her latest productions is MALEBABLE a show aimed at children and families. It has been co-produced by the Mercat de les Flors and the El Més Petit Festival of tots in Barcelona.

Co-creator together  Koos Vos (EADA associate professor ) of  coaching model TRIP helping to develop a work of creativity, collaboration and innovation.




(+34) 635 98 83 66

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